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Nice France Overview

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Nice is a relatively small town just off the Mediterranean Sea. It is busting with life, culture and imagination. Though located in the south east of France, there are various inhabitants from multiple language backgrounds including, but not limited to : Italian, Spanish, English, Irish and North African.

Tourism is the main draw to Nice, and is the primary source of money for the town, therefore, its attitude and culture is one revolving around tourism and the tourists themselves. Meaning, you will not find the provincial French peasant here, nor will you find the quaint small town mentality. French is helpful to know, but is not required in this town, however, it is good if you decide to go outside of Nice such as to Antibes, Marseille or Avignon.

The tourist section of Nice can be broken down into primarily three parts: Nice Centrale, Vieux Nice and Le Port. Nice Centrale, is located in the center of Nice, and is the shopping center for the town. This is where the only mall in the city can be located, Nice Etoile. The mall is by no means as big, or as various as an American mall, but it is still a nice place to find several boutiques and different shops. Similar to Nice Etoile, is La Zone Pietonne and Boulevard Jean Medecin. These are the commercial centers of Nice Centrale. It is expensive, filled with various high-end shops, and is quite busy on a weekend or summer day.

Le Port is nothing really special to see, but it is where to go if you wish to travel to Corsica. It is also an impressive to see all the Yachts that come in the summer and holiday seasons. There are some nice restaurants around there, but are highly priced, but otherwise delicious.

Finally, Vieux Nice, is probably the heart of Touristic Nice. It is located just before the port, and below La Zone Pietonne/Jean Medecine. There are all sorts of delicious (some expensive, some not) restaurants, bars and pubs. It is where the nightlife is during the weekend, and I’m convinced that one could eat at a different restaurant in Nice, every night, for an entire year, and still not have eaten everywhere. Also, there is a number of small boutiques and shops with brand names, and original designer names.

I know I’ve not mentioned one thing, but that’ll be another entry. What’s that you ask? The beaches!